China Electric Ferry is A Solar Boat


From the recent report,a battery-powered boat covered in solar panels may be plying China’s coastal waters and estuaries in less than a year.Why they try the electric ferry?
Faced with crippling traffic on land, China is turning to the water to ease congestion in major cities. BMT Nigel Gee, based in Southampton, UK announced earlier this [...]

According to the recent report from DALLAS,Deep Ellum now has two electric-vehicle charging stations, centrally located in the parking lot at the corner of Main Street and Martin Luther King.
Flanked by a fleet of eight electric vehicles, the two stations, brand name “Blink,” served as a backdrop to an unveiling on Thursday morning, with remarks [...]

Today,American Electric Technologies announced the departure of Frank Pierce, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, who will be leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.
Mr. Pierce has been instrumental in assisting the company through its financial recovery over the past year, and will be available to the company through the end of August 2011 to support [...]

According to the new report,Swedish industrial companyNIBE AB NIBE-B.SK) said Tuesday it has reached agreement on the acquisition of the Element Division of Emerson Electric Co. , which has operations in the USA, Mexico and China.Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
The heating products unit was created in 1917 and has yearly sales of about [...]


Exhibition Brief:IEE International Electricity Exhibition-Tehran 2011 is one of the well-established and successful fairs organized in Iran. The fair seems to be a successful organization with high participant satisfaction. 458 firms from 12 countries participated in 10.
Venue:Tehran International Permanent Fairground,Dr. Chamran Highway, Tehran,Tadjrish, Iran
Exhibition Website:  (click)
Exhibitor Profile:Electronics Related Technologies, Electronics Related Technologies, Light Systems, Lighting [...]

It is reported that Cadillac plans to produce the ELR, a new two door extended-range electric vehicle.
Cadillac has decided to produce a car in a new shade of green. Also, General Motors announced today that it will produce an extended-range electric Cadillac.  This is the same technology that is currently in use in Chevy’s Volt.  Exact details [...]

According to the recent report,Ford Motor Company is teaming up with San Jose-based solar panel maker SunPower to offer a rooftop solar system option. Rooftop solar system will be sold alongside the upcoming Ford Focus EV(Electric Vehicle). The “Drive Green for Life” program, as it’s being called, involves mounting solar panels on a customer’s home.
The 2.5 [...]

ECL Brussels


Exhibition Brief:ECL-Brussels 2011 is a ubiquitous topic today. the different facets in the electrical engineering can have a huge impact on reducing energy consumption. ecl brings together technical innovations and industry electrical installation that are applied in buildings. so you can, as a provider, contact the installers, engineers and technical managers.
Venue:Place de Belgique 1, Brussels, [...]

HVAC Brussels


Exhibition Brief:HVAC Brussels is a new trade show that focuses on all new products and innovative technologies within the climate control sector aimed at improving indoor air quality, increasing energy performance and enhancing comfort.
Venue:Place de Belgique 1, Brussels, 1020,Brussels, Belgium
Exhibition Website:   (click)
Exhibitor Profile:Building automation, cabling systems, Heating and domestic hot water, Air-conditioning & air treatment, [...]

Electronic Cigarette


Electronic cigarette is an electrical device that simulates the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and often the flavor and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke. The mist does not bear the usual odor of tobacco smoke, and according to some, does not bear its health risks. The [...]