At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in January, we had a chance to see some demos of the first of a new breed of higher-resolution TVs that promise even sharper, more detailed images than the best 1080p models can now deliver. As we mentioned in our CES reporting, while new “ultra-definition” TVs with so-called “4K” resolution could hit the market as early as the second half of this year, one key ingredient will be missing: 4K content. But this month, a standards-setting group called the International Telecommunications Union ITU (the same group that defined both the HDTV formats back in the ’90s and more recently, 4G wireless networks) released standards for what it thinks “Ultra High Definition TV” (UHDTV) should look like.

For its latest televisions, Samsung is touting the gesture controls you use to operate the sets. In case you weren’t paying attention to this innovation, the company is hoping that its new “Seductive Motion” ad featuring suggestively clad model Angela Bellotte will grab your eye and motivate you to buy one of its TVs.

Beware of Facebook Timeline removal tools


There could be a security risk with Facebook’s Timeline, the graphic and chronological interface the social-media giant is rolling out to Facebook subscribers. Suspicious online tools and websites purporting to be Timeline-removal aids could be putting millions of Facebook users in digital danger, warns one online security expert. Graham Cluely, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, a global online security firm in Abingdon, England, notes that websites are targeting Facebook members who strongly dislike the Timeline interface

Consumers may be excited by the new Auto Hop ad-skipping feature in Dish Network’s new DVRs, but it appears the major networks aren’t as thrilled. Yesterday, CBS, Fox, and NBCUniversal each filed a lawsuit against the service, claiming it violates copyrights and breaches network transmission agreements. Dish, however, responded with a lawsuit suit of its own against all four major networks—including ABC—hoping to get its new service declared legal.

Ten new smart phones, many with intriguing features, have just gone through Consumer Reports’ grueling battery of tests. Included are two HTC models with serious camera features: the Titan II ($200 on AT&T) and One S ($200 on T-Mobile). Surprisingly, though, they didn’t outscore other models in image quality in our tests

The Electric Drive Transportation Association ( EDTA ) has grown from a cadre of garage tinkerers in 1969 to an organization counting thousands of members, with international partnerships including several Fortune 500 companies. The Washington, D.C., based organization works to expand the market for electric cars. Today, EDTA is plugged into a vital and growing automotive and infrastructure sector, the world of electrified cars.

We keep hearing that this is the year that TV prices will rise.

Facebook is completing its $1 billion acquisition of the mega-popular photo-taking and -sharing app Instagram—but meanwhile, today the company launched Facebook Camera, a mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Facebook Camera simplifies the process of uploading your photos to the social network. You’re able to post multiple photos at once—new ones or shots you’ve just taken—instead of just one at a time, by selecting them from your camera roll.

A recall has been issued for 2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco sedans made by General Motors, warns the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

About 33,000 clip-on desk lamps with LED light bulbs, imported from China and sold exclusively at Lowe’s home improvement centers nationwide, are being recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that the power cords can detach from the lamps’ clamp, exposing the wires and pose dangers of electrocution to He Shan Lide, the company that manufactures the LED lamps, has received five reports of cords detaching from its lamps–including an incident where a child received burns from the exposed wires. The recall involves two models of He Shan Lide LED clip-on lights: a pink-colored lamp (model number F3044-AC-01) and a blue-colored lamp (F3044-AC-02).