fingerprint unlocks LastPass on the Galaxy S5


Samsung’s Galaxy S5
On any other phone, you’d have to type in the master password to access all your other passwords stored on LastPass — including the iPhone, where Touch ID gets you into your phone and iTunes account, but stops there. But on Samsung’s Galaxy S5, all you need to do is swipe your finger across the home [...]

video game console PlayStation 4
Curious to know everything that’s in the PlayStation 4’s 1.70 update launching on Wednesday? You won’t have to download it yourself to find out — Sony has spilled the beans ahead of time. Some of these updates we’ve heard about before, such as the SHAREfactory video editor, 720p HD Twitch streams (that are archivable) [...]

Following the news that Netgear has built a Facebook-linked amenity Wi-Fi option into its routers, enabling businesses to offer free Wi-Fi in return for liking the company Facebook page, David Nowicki, CMO at Devicescape comments about the growing adoption of amenity Wi-Fi by businesses and the opportunities this provides to mobile operators.
“Amenity Wi-Fi, those access [...]

During the five years to 2014, the Electrical Equipment Manufacturing industry was forced to contend with increased competition from abroad and recession-driven declines in demand from downstream customers. Primary consumers of electrical equipment manufacturing products include industries involved in nonresidential construction and manufacturing facilities. In 2009 and 2010, downturns in these sectors contributed to plunging industry [...]

Lenovo’s new all-in-one desktop, the IdeaCentre A720 ($1,560), is both forward-looking and retro. It’s got a 27-inch touchscreen you can fold so that it’s flat on a table or desk. And it includes a selection of touch-based games that potentially could offer families hours of fun.

At a press event aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, Samsung unveiled its largest TV to date, a 75-inch 3D TV in its flagship ES9000 LCD TV series. But despite the impressive size of the TV—the largest readily available model, apart from Sharp’s 80-inch models—most attendees appeared to be more captivated by another of the set’s feature: the ability to hurl an assortment of brightly colored birds across the screen using hand movements.

Samsung has added a fascinating new feature to its new 16-megapixel MV900F subcompact camera: You can control the camera’s 5x optical zoom lens, as well as its shutter button, remotely via simple hand gestures. Samsung calls this feature Gesture Shot, and it tracks your hand in much the way face detection tracks your face. Here’s how you use it: You’ll need to set the camera up either on a tripod or flat surface, and stand in front of the lens

A little over a month after competitor Verizon Wireless unveiled its Share Everything data plans, AT&T has announced its own version: AT&T Mobile Share. Unlike Verizon, which is offering only Share Everything to new customers, newcomers to AT&T will still have the option of choosing an existing individual or family plan. And current customers can switch over to a sharing plan without extending their contracts, if they choose

Refrigerator doors continue to get more innovative, with the debut this week of LG’s Door-in-Door French-door bottom-freezer.

Keeping a journal of everything you eat can be daunting, not to mention an unpleasant reality check. But new research suggests that it’s one of the most effective things you can do to if you’re trying to lose weight. The other two most important strategies were things to avoid: regularly going out for lunch, and skipping meals