bite of China documentary broadcast on China Central Television Station, the main contents of Chinese cuisine ecology. By more than one side of Chinese cuisine, to show the ceremony, ethics and other aspects of the culture brought food to the Chinese people’s lives; experience with Chinese characteristics, ingredients and food-related, constitute a series [...]

Our best and worst used car lists can steer you to models that have reliable track records.

Shenzhen Fengrunda Technology Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen PSKY Electronic Co., Ltd was founded in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to the development of intelligent high-tech solutions for the smart home electronics industry while performing a high level of scientific research.
At present, our company provides R&D and production services in the fields of surveillance camera and power-over-Ethernet (POE). Products of these two categories [...]

In response to a June fire that consumed a crash-tested Chevrolet Volt , General Motors is publicizing its plans to propagate new standards for handling damaged electric cars. Following a decade’s effort by GM, Toyota, and others to train first-responders to safely pry open and move hybrids at accident scenes, GM is now beginning to train the second line of cleanup workers–tow truck drivers, body shops, and salvage yards–in hybrid safety. While first-responders mainly need to ensure the car’s high-voltage electrical system is disconnected, this second group of workers needs to safely “de-energize” the car–that is, removing all the fuel from the gas tank and draining any remaining charge in the battery

The last month has not been a particularly good one for Honda Motor’s reputation for producing high quality vehicles. On Sunday, the company announced (PDF) that it was recalling 80,111 CR-V vehicles from the 2006 model year in the US to replace the power window master switch because of a design flaw. The flaw, Honda [...]

Solar Electric Panels


Today, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce utility costs and save some money.

Aluminum Wiring in Homes


Aluminum wiring in residential homes carries an increased risk of starting a fire when compared with the much more common copper wiring. The US Consumer Products Safety Commission (US CPSC) investigated this threat in the 1970s and found that many home fires were caused by overheated connections involving aluminum wiring

Solar Energy Options


Homeowners have an increasingly large number of options for utilizing solar energy to provide power, lighting, and/or lower utility bills. Comprehensive solutions are becoming more and more popular due to improvements in the technology, government financial credits, and the ability to “sell” power back to the utility company.

Frayed Wires


Frayed wiring needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent a fire in your home. If you have ever seen an outdoor electrical line come down and arc, you have seen an instance of frayed wiring. In your home when you see frayed wires, your first instinct might be to strip the wires

Easy Electrical Cord and Plug Repairs


When it comes to electricity, safety is the primary concern.