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by Wayne John

Wayne John

Many of you know me, having been in our industry for over 20 years. Working on the distributor, manufacturer and recruiting sides have given me a unique perspective.  I have been writing my Staffing Trends column for Electrical News for three years and have run my staffing firm, Electrical Career Specialists (ECS) for the past seven years.

I have now joined Electrical News as a Contributing Editor, in addition to running ECS full-time in serving our industry within the electrical, lighting and alternative energy segments.

In this new role, we will be covering more events than ever before. I will personally be covering upcoming trade events (open houses, golf tournaments, etc.) including attending key industry 2011 trade shows (Solar Power International in Dallas, NECA in San Diego, LightShow/West in Los Angeles, and Automation Fair in Chicago). 2012 will find us at NAED conferences, NEMRA, Electric West, LightFair, to name a few.

In covering these events, our goal is to bring to you a first-hand look of what’s really going on in our industry through interviews, pictures and observations.

We are responding to your requests to see industry leader interviews, along with a greater video content and more commentary of what is relevant to you, the reader. As web content is becoming more available to everyone (e.g. phones, computers, iPads, etc.), our website has also become more user-friendly to better serve you.

As we continue to expand our reach across North America via print and the internet, we have created more options for companies to gain better visibility through Electrical News: we offer press releases with your new products and services, employee additions/promotions and your events. Our growing readership also allows for different advertising options (don’t let those co-op dollars get away!).

This is your newspaper. This is your invitation to be heard; both online and in print. We want your feedback and ideas. Stay tuned for much more in 2012. Whether you are in Californiaor Oregon, Texasor Vermont, we want to know what’s important to you. What’s on your mind? Send all requests to


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