HTC Puccini Will be Released Next Month


HTC Puccini face
HTC Puccini back

As the formidable adversary of  Apple,the world’s famous electric corporation HTC will release the new product——HTC Puccini next month.Some screenshots of the HTC Puccini are leaked recently.

With a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a 10 inch display with 1280 x 800 resolution, the HTC Puccini was made to compete with the other 10 inch Android tablets like the Motorola XOOM and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Taiwan based firm did take the Scribe Technology from its 7 inch HTC Flyer and has made the stylus a dedicated part of the larger tablet. The camera on the back will be 8MP and yes, there will also be a front-facing lens. The Android Honeycomb OS will be running the show.

HTC has certainly customized this tablet as you can tell from the screenshot of the QWERTY which shows that a numeric pad will be used for quick entry of numbers. Besides the bloatware that AT&T so generously added to the device, HTC Hub will be onboard, offering more content for the tablet. One of the screenshots shows a syncing tool available for the HTC Puccini’s users. As far as connectivity goes, the device is heading to AT&T for the time being and the H+ on the pictures reveals that it will  be the carrier’s HSPA+ network putting the 4 in 4G for now. Eventually, an LTE model could be available for AT&T customers.

There is no doubt that HTC Puccini is an excellent electric product.I believe that HTC Puccini will give us more surprise.So,Let’s wait and see HTC Puccini.

The new break of electrical product——Lenovo S800 is the world’s firest transparent color display phone.As one paragraph unique transparent color screen products, lenovo mobile phone S800 landmark not only by consumer attention, but also influenced by domestic mobile chain dealer’s warmly welcome. According to the micro bo posted messages, lenovo S800 will through the first pins, started 15 sales. In addition, the bo also noted that in guangdong phone Supplier area in domain, first pin. For the price of all agreed with care, lenovo is set at $2,850, should say, for the world’s first sc-reens transparent cell phones, for instance, the price should not exceed a lot of people expected.

About a year ago Sony Ericsson Launched the world’s first transparent display phone Xperia Pureness, which made the world wowed for it. Now Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is going to launch its own of such kind, which is called S800 . Lenovo is not just simply going to copy Sony Ericsson’s idea, they got something new. Lenovo S800’s transparent display supports color, while Xperia Pureness’ is just gray.

Lenovo S800 debuted at a sport fashion event hold in Beijing, but the phone is just showed off by models, and not allowed others to touch. But just don’t think it’s just a mock up. A set of pictures circulated on Chinese websites claimed to be secretly taken in models’ dressing room show that Lenovo S800 is a functional phone. In the pictures these beautiful models are paying with the phone, typing on it or using it to take phones.There’s also no information about the launch time and other specs.

Now,you can get this new electrical technology product——Lenovo S800.You might as well try this phone

Who Invented Alligator Clip?


Alligator ClipAlligator clip is a very common electrical tool in our daily life.But,do you know who inventerd alligator clip?What many people don’t know is that the copper clips at each end of the cable were invented by a Cleveland electrical engineer more than a century ago.

Ralph S. Mueller, known as the “Skipper of the Clipper,” founded Mueller Electric Co. at 1583 Payne Ave.

Alligator clips, which Mueller initially called electrical test clips, are a temporary electrical connector that functions like a clothespin. ‘A spring forces the clip’s two tapered and serrated jaws together to make them grip a metal object.

Today, the alligator clip is also used in dental offices to attach a protective bib over a patient’s clothes, in school physics laboratories to assemble circuits connecting components to wires, and as a miniature clamp to hold parts together for gluing and wires for soldering.

‘The original two markets for his invention in 1908 were voltmeter leads and telephone linemen’s clips for test sets, Mueller said in a interview with the Cleveland Press in 1947.

“Our first big market came in 1912 when Charles F. Kettering developed the electric starter for automobiles,” Mueller said. “Then in 1921 we found a new big market when the radio broadcasting industry came into existence.

“Today, there’s scarcely a branch of the electrical industry which doesn’t use our clips . . . and our clips have gone to the Antarctic with Adm. [Richard E.] Byrd and all other expeditions.”

At one time, Mueller was so well known that he was featured in 1959 in a comic strip by cartoonist Jimmy Hatlo, who wrote and drew “They’ll Do It Every Time.” Hatlo said the creative Mueller submitted 35 suggestions over the years and drew him up as person running a “clip joint” in Cleveland.

How popular and necessary were alligator clips? Mueller told another reporter in 1962 that his company since its inception had made 500 million clips and insulators. It produced 100,000 clips and 33,000 insulators daily.

Mueller Electric was only one of three companies in the country in 1950 making the steel and copper battery-charging and test clips.

Mueller was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1888, was valedictorian of his high school class and graduated from the University of Nebraska with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

He came to Cleveland in 1904 after being transferred by the Kellogg Switchboard Co. in Chicago. He lived most of his life in Shaker and became a noted philanthropist and community benefactor besides being an industrial giant.

Mueller’s life ended tragically at 88 when he committed suicide by leaping five stories off a fire escape from the apartment building he lived in.

Mueller is a wisdom man whoes life is so legendary.Because of the invention of him——alligator clip, oru lives become more convenient.

Homemade Solar Powered Electric Bike


Now,we can felt that the energy problem is becaoming more and more serious.The price of nature resources is so expensive that people have to seek the new energy.Electricity is the best energy,because it has no pollution.Next,i will tell you a story of DIY solar powered electric bike.

solar powered electric bike

A home inventor named Terry Hope has been working on a pair of solar powered electric vehicles in Canada since 2008. Hope says he started on his first solar vehicle, called The KPV, in 2008, after needing to find a way to bring a collapsible electric scooter on board a sailing vessel off the British Columbia shore.

Weighing around 50 pounds, the KPV features two options for recharging its LiFePO4 main battery pack.   One option is connecting to mains electricity via the onboard AC-DC power supply, while the other is an emissions free method making use of 14 6″x6″ mono crystalline solar cells wired in a series, the output of which is controlled via a group of dpdt rocker switches. It is noted by Hope that one can direct “the output to charge any two batteries/capacitors from either the main 24 volt battery pack, 12 volt battery booster pack or 10.8 volt capacitor bank.  The two extra electrical energy storage packs have been added for extended range functionality.”

Hope doesn’t list how fast the invention can travel, only posting a video saying the electric vehicle isn’t supposed to travel as fast as it does (over 20 miles per hour, at least); most likely for safety reasons, it would need to be limited.

The designer’s latest project is a solar powered electric bicycle called the SolarCross. Once finished, Hope says the e-bike, seen in the photo below without the photovoltaics, will easily hit a speed of 28 miles per hour.

solar powered electric bike

Starting with an 18 speed Specialized FSR frame, Hope customized a 24 volt, 1 horsepower motor to the bike, making sure to keep it independent from the pedals. He feels that way riders can pedal at their discretion, while still being able to travel at fast speeds.

Do you have any idea about the solar powered electric bike.It is so cool if you get one.

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Dates:6 – 8 June 2012.

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Exhibitor Profile:Electrical Installations, Transmissions & Distributions, Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy Technologies:, – Bus Bars, – Cables, Cable Trays & Circuit Breakers, – Cables Management Systems, – Capacitors, – Connectors/ Connecting Systems, – Control Systems, – Electrical Accessories, – Electrical Distribution & Transmission Equipment, – Electrical Installation & Electronic Equipment, – Energy Efficiency/ Renewable Energy Technologies, – Energy Saving Technologies, – Meter & Monitoring Systems, – Power Generation Equipment/ Generators, – Power Supplies/ Batteries/ UPS, – Relays & Converters, – Switchboards/ Switchgears, – Terminals, – Transformers, – Trunking & Trunking Systems, – Wires, Wiring Accessories.

Cooperation Organization:Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association (HKECA), Philippine Association of Electrical Industries, Inc (PAEI), Singapore Electrical Contractors Licensed Electrical Workers Association (SECA), Singapore Electrical Trades Association (SETA), Society of the Philippines Electrical Contractors & Suppliers, Inc (SPECS), Thai Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Association (TEMCA), The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Ltd (HKFEMC), The Macau Institution of Engineers.

International Co-ordinator:
Shaun White, Overseas Exhibition Services Ltd, 12th Floor, Westminster Tower, 3 Albert Embankment, London, UK, SE1 7SP
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Electrical News:Iphone 5 is Coming!


Iphone is one of the most popular electronic products all of the world now.You must have felt the power of iphone,and you can see it in the street,television,internet and so on.Iphone also bring the innovation of the electrical market.Now,iphone 5 is coming soon.

According to a report published today on Boy Genius Report, Apple’s major US carrier partner AT&T is getting its staff prepped for the release of the next iPhone handset, expected sometime in mid-September.One of the biggest Chinese newspapers, China Times, also reported this week that Apple has received a shipment of 400,000 iPhone 5 smartphones, that are to be tested before the release of 4,000,000 units this September.

While this report is simply another rumor, there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind at this point that September will bring some sort of new or updated iPhone handset; it’s even possible that Apple will completely revamp its lineup and launch more than one new iPhone. The BGR report claims that Apple will announce the next iPhone sometime in late August, and then handset will then go on sale in early September. The site has a decent track record in regards to Apple and iPhone related rumors, and has numerous contacts deep in the wireless industry.

The BGR report coincides with the release of further speculation on the launch date from MacRumors, which recently stated that Apple has started contacting some of its former retail employees to see if they will return to work part-time between mid-August and mid-September. Since this timeframe also happens to be the lucrative ‘back to school’ retail extravaganza, it’s possible that Apple just wants its stores fully staffed to avoid any sales or service issues. However, it’s also possible that this is in preparation for the flood of customers expected with the launch of the next iPhone.

Most sources to date have placed the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 launch as occurring sometime this fall, ushered in with the launch of iOS 5, the newest version of the operating system powering the iPhone and iPad. Apple further hinted at this on their 2nd quarter earnings call last week, with CFO Peter Oppenheimer stating that Apple will have a “future product transition” that will “have a material impact on the September quarter”.

At this point, it appears to be all-systems-go for the next iPhone to hit shortly. Recent reports have claimed that Apple’s supply chain and manufacturing partners have all been preparing for production of the next iPhone, and while today’s report claims a mid-September launch window, rumors have speculated that the iPhone 5 could launch anytime from the end of August through the end of October. Regardless of when it comes, there’s little doubt that the handset will be a huge blockbuster for Apple.

Some reports have claimed that the next-generation iPhone will be both lighter in weight and sport a thinner profile than the iPhone 4, and perhaps will feature an upgraded rear camera, and possibly a larger display. The Wall Street Journal claims that the iPhone will contain new wireless chipsets manufactured by Qualcomm, which may make a single iPhone 5 handset compatible with GSM and CDMA networks around the world.

Whether these rumors are true or not, we will find out shortly. Apple is expected to announce something officially about the iPhone 5 any day now and they will most likely do that by the end of August.And i believe that iphone 5 will promote the development of electrical industry just like iphone 4.

Electrical Energy Introduction


electrical energy

Electrical energy is one of the most popular and cleanest energy as we konw.It has the legendary story about being finded.This article will introduce the knowledge of electric energy for you.

What is Electrical Energy?

Electrical energy is not generally referred to as electrical energy for the layperson, and is most commonly known as electricity. Electrical energy is the scientific form of electricity, and refers to the flow of power or the flow of charges along a conductor to create energy. Electrical energy is known to be a secondary source of energy, which means that we obtain electrical energy through the conversion of other forms of energy. These other forms of energy are known as the primary sources of energy and can be used from coal, nuclear energy, natural gas, or oil. The primary sources from which we create electrical energy can be either non-renewable forms of energy or renewable forms of energy. Electrical energy however is neither non-renewable or renewable.

Where do we get Electrical Energy?

Electrical energy is a standard part of nature, and today it is our most widely used form of energy. Many towns and cities were developed beside waterfalls which are known to be primary sources of mechanical energy. Wheels would be built in the waterfalls and the falls would turn the wheels in order to create energy that fuelled the cities and towns. Before this type of electrical energy generation was developed, homes would be lit with candles and kerosene lamps, and would be warmed with coal or wood-burning stoves.

The history of Electrical Energy

Benjamin Franklin and the famous story of a kite on a stormy evening was the first to discover the initial principles of electrical energy. Thomas Edison came along to perfect these principles with the invention of the light bulb. Following this, Nikola Tesla developed the notion of AC electrical energy, which referred to as alternating current electrical energy. With AC energy, electrical energy could be transmitted over much larger distances. With this discovery, electrical energy could then be used to light homes and to power machines that would be more effective at heating homes as well.

It is important to understand that electrical energy is not a kind of energy in and of itself, but it is rather a form of transferring energy from one object or element to another. The energy that is being transferred is the electrical energy. In order for electrical energy to transfer at all, it must have a conductor or a circuit that will enable the transfer of the energy. This is what Benjamin Franklin discovered when the electrical energy was transferred from the lightning to his kite, with the kite acting as his conductor or circuit. Electrical energy will occur when electric charges are moving or changing position from one element or object to another. When the electrical energy is moved, it is frequently stored in what we know of today as batteries or energy cells.

Now,do you have the new image of electrical energy?Focus on the environment surrounded,you will find the colourful lives whitch eletrical energy brings to us.