Nearly six out of 10 U.S. parents of children ages 8 to12 (a.k.a

Electrical cords on baby monitors must now be labeled with a strangulation hazard warning under a new ASTM International safety standard. The standard is in response to reports by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that seven infants died as a result of strangling in baby monitor cords that were placed too close to a crib. The new label reminds caregivers to mount the cord more than three feet away from the crib, according to Anthony Paolo, chairman of the subcommittee that developed the new safety standard, and vice president, corporate quality, Summer Infant Inc.

Apps add electronic twist to familiar toys


Visiting the annual American International Toy fair in New York last month I found myself wondering: Was this a toy fair or an electronics expo? There was no shortage of technology here! We saw the Hasbro Lazer Tag blasters (pictured here) which allow you to download a free Lazer Tag app to your iPhone or iPod Touch then insert your device into your blaster. You can play against a virtual enemy and use it to keep track of all your progress.

Recalled products, originally available at Meijer stores, were then sold at discount retailers, dollar stores, liquidation firms, flea markets and thrift stores nationwide, the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission reports. It’s illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Sony PlayStation Vita review


The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s new hand-held gaming device, hit the market today. The question on at least some of our minds, though, is whether we really need a standalone gaming device anymore; the way people think about portable gaming has changed a lot in recent years, with the advent of games on sophisticated smart phones and tablets.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s first Twitter chat tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET will be about simple, inexpensive ways you can childproof your televisions and furniture to help prevent child injury and death from tip-overs. During the Thursday evening chat, the CPSC will ask parents to post photos of TV setups so that safety experts can examine the pictures and give practical safety tips.

Video: Testing tablet computers for kids


Since the Apple iPad first shipped in 2010, tablet computers have been hot. Much as adults love them, though, children may just love them even more, as tablet-owning parents can verify. Recently Fisher-Price, LeapFrog, Vtech, and Vinci came out with tablets created just for kids that feature at least some of the capabilities of real tablets

WowWee , a company that made its name with innovative robotic toys, will be showing off a new kind of tech toy at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (which starts next Monday, January 9): The AppGear toys will interact with free downloadable apps to combine virtual play with real-world fun.

The best ‘digitoys’ for the holidays


If you don’t know what a “digitoy” is, you’re obviously not a tween who grew up on Club Penguin and Webkinz. The craze is alive and well in the form of new toys like these: You can buy the toy, then go online to enter a world where you communicate and share activities with virtual and actual playmates. Our sister publication, ShopSmart , chose the best tech toys of this holiday season, and we also had one of our in-house electronics experts give them a try

Five best tech toys for younger kids


The best toys not only are fun but also build skills. And if you can find products that make the whole family want to join in, well, you’ve found toy nirvana.