Lenovo’s new all-in-one desktop, the IdeaCentre A720 ($1,560), is both forward-looking and retro. It’s got a 27-inch touchscreen you can fold so that it’s flat on a table or desk. And it includes a selection of touch-based games that potentially could offer families hours of fun.

Three tablets in our Ratings show how manufacturers make virtually the same device for less money, and what trade-offs—usually minimal—you’ll make when choosing the less expensive tablet. Asus, Samsung, and Toshiba each recently debuted cheaper versions of their tablets, keeping the new ones as appealing as the earlier, more expensive versions

Barnes & Noble announced today that it would split off its digital-book business and give Microsoft a 17.6-percent stake in the new unit, resulting in a $300 million investment by the computing giant. This announcement could be good news for consumers, since it may help the bookseller in competing with Amazon in e-book readers and the content and services sold for them. The new funds, say analysts, should bolster B&N in its pitched battle for market share in e-books with Amazon—and that cutthroat competition has been excellent for buyers of e-books and e-book devices over the past few years

Apple launched the third iteration of its iPad tablet today, which now includes a very high-resolution display and support for 4G wireless access. Prices for the new iPad, which Apple is simply calling “the new iPad,” are the same as before, starting at $500 for the 16GB model. But prices dropped by $100 across the iPad 2 line , which Apple is continuing to offer.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new HDTV but have been putting off your purchase, now might be the best time to get a great deal on a new set, especially one with step-up features. And you might not want to think about it for too long. One reason is that this is normally the time of year (March and early April) when the new 2012 models start to arrive in stores, so many retailers may be looking to sell off any inventory of older 2011 sets to make room for the newer models.