Several consumer-, privacy-, health-, and child-advocacy groups are calling on Facebook to provide privacy and marketing safeguards if it opens the social-networking service to children under 13. Our recent survey projected that more than 5.6 million children under the age of 13 already have Facebook accounts, in violation of Facebook’s current policy of barring preteens. Once children have registered for accounts with false birthdays, the site treats them as teens or adults, depending on their stated age, and subjects them to the same data collection and marketing practices used to target older users

Consumer Reports recently released the results of a survey that indicated at least 5.6 million children using Facebook were younger than age 13, in violation of the site’s terms (that’s down from 7.5 million in last year’s survey).

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10 tips to survive Black Friday parking


The latest Consumer Reports holiday shopping poll finds that 44 percent of Americans will do all of their shopping at actual stores this holiday season. And that could make a traditional holiday headache—finding a parking spot at the local mall or store—even more of a hassle this year. According to the International Parking Institute in Fredricksburg, Penn., there an estimated 100 million public parking spaces in the U.S