A little over a month after competitor Verizon Wireless unveiled its Share Everything data plans, AT&T has announced its own version: AT&T Mobile Share. Unlike Verizon, which is offering only Share Everything to new customers, newcomers to AT&T will still have the option of choosing an existing individual or family plan. And current customers can switch over to a sharing plan without extending their contracts, if they choose

Shopping online is great, but it’s nice when you can kick the proverbial tires before you buy. With that idea in mind, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)—the organization that puts on the Consumer Electronics Show each year—is presenting its third annual series of CEA Demo Days at hundreds of local retailers across the country. The program will kick off July 20 to 22 with an event called “Experience the Summer Games Like Never Before”: Electronics retailers will show customers the best way to watch the Olympics on Internet-connected TVs .

Earlier today, news broke that a file containing over 400,000 usernames and passwords, apparently stolen from a Yahoo service by a hacker collective, was posted online. The passwords appeared in “plaintext” (or “cleartext”), meaning they were unencrypted. A security site that analyzed the posted data determined that the accounts were not just with Yahoo but also with other online services, including Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and others, as well as a number of .GOV and .MIL addresses

Nearly six out of 10 U.S. parents of children ages 8 to12 (a.k.a

Smart phones may be the cameras you always carry with you—but as point-and-shoots, they have their drawbacks. For one, most have no optical zoom lens; instead, they come with digital zoom, which enlarges pixels and thus reduces image detail as it zooms in. You can get effects like zoom and fish-eye with smart-phone cameras, but they’re generally obtained digitally; optical lenses produce better-quality images.

Intel has slowly been rolling out its third-generation Core i5 and i7 processors, and Consumer Reports has rated several laptops and desktops that use this series. We’ve found that they boost performance up to 20 percent for certain tasks compared with the previous generation’s same speed Core processors

Some HDTVs now have the smarts to connect to the Internet to stream video and keep users up to date with social-network sites like Facebook.

Several consumer-, privacy-, health-, and child-advocacy groups are calling on Facebook to provide privacy and marketing safeguards if it opens the social-networking service to children under 13. Our recent survey projected that more than 5.6 million children under the age of 13 already have Facebook accounts, in violation of Facebook’s current policy of barring preteens. Once children have registered for accounts with false birthdays, the site treats them as teens or adults, depending on their stated age, and subjects them to the same data collection and marketing practices used to target older users

The HTC Evo 4G LTE (from Sprint) and HTC One X (from AT&T), each $200 with two-year contracts, have all the key ingredients of today’s marquis smart phones: 4.7-inch, high-definition (720p) displays; high-speed, dual-core processors; and the ability to run on their carriers’ 4G LTE networks. And both are currently our highest-rated phones for their respective carriers, though our image engineers weren’t impressed with some aspects of the cameras’ performance

The best reason to use a smart phone to take photos instead of a camera is that you’re more likely to have your smart phone with you when a photo op arises.