How to stop unwanted robocalls


If you answer the phone and hear a prerecorded sales message from a telemarketer, than that is probably an illegal robocall.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Player 4.2, a successor to its Galaxy Player 4.0 media player. After using a press sample on a range of tasks, I think this new Galaxy has made an already-fine player an even-better alternative to Apple’s iPod Touch

The best reason to use a smart phone to take photos instead of a camera is that you’re more likely to have your smart phone with you when a photo op arises.

The photo-sharing website Flickr was launched in 2004; if you’ve been shooting and uploading digital photos since before smart phones came into the picture, chances are good that you have a Flickr account. This new app makes it easy to access and add to your Flickr Photostream from anywhere, as well as to show off your present collection

If you liked D-Link’s easy-to-use MovieMate streaming-media player but were hankering for a bit more content, the company will soon be launching a beefed-up version called MovieNite Plus. Though at $80 it costs a bit more than the current MovieMate—which sells for $49 at Walmart—the Plus version has access to a lot more apps and channels, and is still considerably less expensive than D-Link’s flagship streaming player, the $170 Boxee Box.

Three bike apps for three kinds of riders


Helmet, water bottle, and sunscreen, check.

Consumer Reports recently released the results of a survey that indicated at least 5.6 million children using Facebook were younger than age 13, in violation of the site’s terms (that’s down from 7.5 million in last year’s survey).

For its latest televisions, Samsung is touting the gesture controls you use to operate the sets. In case you weren’t paying attention to this innovation, the company is hoping that its new “Seductive Motion” ad featuring suggestively clad model Angela Bellotte will grab your eye and motivate you to buy one of its TVs.

Beware of Facebook Timeline removal tools


There could be a security risk with Facebook’s Timeline, the graphic and chronological interface the social-media giant is rolling out to Facebook subscribers. Suspicious online tools and websites purporting to be Timeline-removal aids could be putting millions of Facebook users in digital danger, warns one online security expert. Graham Cluely, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, a global online security firm in Abingdon, England, notes that websites are targeting Facebook members who strongly dislike the Timeline interface

“Privacy and cybersecurity are not well understood by the news media or politicians,” declared Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist and a CR board member), who keynoted a panel discussion hosted by Consumer Reports at New York University last night: “Facebook and your privacy: What Every Consumer Should Know in the Age of Social Networking.” There are real problems,” noted Newmark, adding that “the Internet has no lobby.” He pledged to take a more active role on behalf of consumers. “A nerd’s gotta do what a nerd’s gotta do,” he said. Following on the heels of Consumer Reports’ recent ” Facebook and your privacy ” story, the panel included a diverse group of speakers from both business and consumer advocacy