Smart phones are getting more laptop-like, with larger screens, powerful muti-core processors, and snazzy operating software such as Apple iOS and Google Android. But ClamCase is making the case—or at least the peripheral—that could give full-size laptops or ultrabooks a run for their money. The company is working on the ClamBook, an Apple Macbook-like device that will physically connect to any smart phone and offer users a mobile computer -like functionality

Nintendo Wii U coming in 2012, with NFC built in


Nintendo announced that the Wii U , its new video game console with a tablet-like controller that was announced last June , will be launched in 2012—in time for the holiday season. Using the Wii U controller’s touchscreen, you’ll be able to play games on your TV or just on the controller; you can draw on it and use motion to control your onscreen games.

January’s Consumer Reports Index, a measure of consumers’ overall financial health, shows that consumer sentiment and employment have climbed, while their stress has diminished and their financial difficulties have moderated compared to past months.

Sears Holdings has released the locations of 79 stores that it plans to shutter, and just about half of them are Kmart stores, with the list of locations spanning 25 states.

Follow these tips for hassle-free returns


One in five adults will spend two or more hours dealing with the hassle of returning unwanted holiday gifts this year, according to a recent Consumer Reports poll.

Holiday shoppers in the U.S.

Test report: Good choices in tablet keyboards


The list of activities to enjoy on a tablet computer doesn’t include typing a lot on the cramped virtual keyboard. So a separate keyboard makes a great gift for the tablet owner in your life who might type more on the device if the task were easier.

Top five video games this holiday season


Just about every family contains at least one video-game fan—but unless you’re a gamer yourself, they can be tricky to shop for. So to help you decide the right titles to buy for your favorite gamers of any age or skill level, we bought and played the season’s hottest games.

Looking to give a gift of navigational aid but can’t decide if a dedicated personal GPS unit or a smartphone app would do? The good news: Consumer Reports experts are finding that GPS apps can be just as capable stand-alone navigation devices. The even better news: Garmin is slashing prices for its smartphone apps and traffic services the year-end holidays

Holiday scams: The 12 dismays of Christmas


With Christmas just 10 days away and Hanukkah even sooner, it’s no wonder that most of us are feeling harried and distracted. But don’t take leave of your senses.