fingerprint unlocks LastPass on the Galaxy S5


Samsung’s Galaxy S5
On any other phone, you’d have to type in the master password to access all your other passwords stored on LastPass — including the iPhone, where Touch ID gets you into your phone and iTunes account, but stops there. But on Samsung’s Galaxy S5, all you need to do is swipe your finger across the home [...]

M-Edge SuperShell iPhone Case now on sale


M-Edge has launched its new SuperShell protective cases for iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones. The tough case absorbs shock and bounces when dropped, so if you can stand a bit of bulk added to your iphone, you won’t have to…

Can technology prevent distracted driving?


Distracted driving is an issue that has been at the forefront of national driver safety efforts since Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood made it his mission to stop the dangerous behavior. Currently, 39 states, plus the District of Columbia, ban texting and 10 states and Washington, D.C., prohibit hand-held cell phone use

The portable GPS navigation market was dealt a harsh blow this week when Apple announced it would offer its own mobile navigation solution with car integration at a developer’s conference. Called simply “Maps,” this reinvented app combines turn-by-turn navigation with the voice control of Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.

The best reason to use a smart phone to take photos instead of a camera is that you’re more likely to have your smart phone with you when a photo op arises.

The new Apple TV: An in-depth look


While support for 1080p video and a new, streamlined interface were the highlights of Apple’s revamped Apple TV , we have a few additional details beyond what was included in our initial post yesterday. Overall, while the changes in Apple’s streaming media player aren’t revolutionary, they do make it more competitive with other streaming set-top boxes , such as those from Roku and the Boxee Box

Apps add electronic twist to familiar toys


Visiting the annual American International Toy fair in New York last month I found myself wondering: Was this a toy fair or an electronics expo? There was no shortage of technology here! We saw the Hasbro Lazer Tag blasters (pictured here) which allow you to download a free Lazer Tag app to your iPhone or iPod Touch then insert your device into your blaster. You can play against a virtual enemy and use it to keep track of all your progress.

Apple launched a new iPad today, but it also did something it hasn’t done since it introduced its first tablet two years ago: It dropped prices on an older version. The new iPad will still start at $500 for the 16GB Wi-Fi versions, as did prior iPads when they were launched. But the 16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad 2 will drop by $100, to $400

Apple has settled a class-action suit over its iPhone 4 smart phone, agreeing to pay $15 or provide a free bumper case to owners of the phone, which Consumer Reports confirmed had reception problems in 2010 lab tests . More than 21 million owners of the phones are eligible for the settlement, according to Ira Rothken, the co-lead counsel for the suit, which brought together 18 different lawsuits in to a single action filed in San Jose, CA

Mobile social-network iPhone app Path made it into many headlines recently after researchers discovered that it was uploading users’ contact information from address books without getting their permission to do so. The company has since apologized to users and updated the app so that they can opt out of sharing their address books.