fingerprint unlocks LastPass on the Galaxy S5


Samsung’s Galaxy S5
On any other phone, you’d have to type in the master password to access all your other passwords stored on LastPass — including the iPhone, where Touch ID gets you into your phone and iTunes account, but stops there. But on Samsung’s Galaxy S5, all you need to do is swipe your finger across the home [...]

For now, tablet computers work mainly with Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS software. But judging by announcements at the Computex trade show in Taiwan, Microsoft is hoping to change that with new tablets powered by its Windows 8 operating system.

Apple TV gets a reboot: Should you care?


Perhaps a bit lost in all the excitement about the new iPad was the news that Apple also decided to tweak its Apple TV streaming media player .

The fifth-generation Apple iPod touch and Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 are top performers in Consumer Reports’ latest roundup of media players, edging out models from brands such as Cowon, Sony, and Philips. The fifth-generation iPod touch ($400 for the 64GB model we tested, $200 for the similar 8GB version) earned the top spot in the media-player category.