On Monday, July 9, hundreds of thousands of Internet users could lose Internet access because of DNS Changer malware from Rove Digital, an illicit online company shut down by police last year. And while global law enforcement agencies and Internet companies warn Web surfers to clean the malware off infected computers, Consumer Reports online experts also warn not to fall for online scams claiming to “disinfect” your PC from online risks. Last year, an Internet consortium established a stop-gap network of safe computer servers to deal with the illicit computer code, which modifies Domain Name Servers (DNS) to direct unsuspecting Internet users to Rove Digital’s computer servers rather than proper websites and Web search results.

Consumer Reports recently released the results of a survey that indicated at least 5.6 million children using Facebook were younger than age 13, in violation of the site’s terms (that’s down from 7.5 million in last year’s survey).

Following up on its earlier announcement of some of its 2012 HDTV lineup, Panasonic has released details on its other sets, such as its flagship VT-series plasmas, as well as new larger-sized LCD TVs. More TVs this year get its Viera Connect Internet service, which includes an open apps market, access to cloud-based content, and a full Web browser. All new LCD TVs offer edge LED backlights, and for the first some, some LCD 3D sets will use passive 3D technology .

Earlier this month, Google launched a new approach to its user policy, in which it links data from all the Google accounts that you sign in to use—and launched a firestorm of privacy concerns as well.

Facebook has sometimes come under fire for its privacy policies and practices. But today, the social media giant issued a statement in in defense of privacy, opposing employers’ asking employees and job applicants for their Facebook passwords.

Remember NetZero?

Panasonic reveals new TV prices, availability


Panasonic announced its first wave of 2012 HDTVs , which include a new XT50 series of lower-cost 3D plasma sets, and larger screen sizes—47 and 55 inches—in its LCD TV lineup. Panasonic is also offering passive 3D technology in its LCD sets for the first time. Pricing for other models, including the company’s flagship VT50 series 3D plasma TVs, will be announced closer to availability, the company said

Following on the heels of reports that smart-device apps have the ability to grab people’s personal photos without their knowledge, NY state senator Charles E. Schumer says that Apple and Google have agreed to meet with to discuss a way to prevent this. “Developers who make applications for Apple iOS devices have access to a person’s entire photo library as long as that person allows the app to use location data,” according to the New York Times .

People want to control how and what they share on social network sites, and the number of users pruning information from our profiles has increased, a new study by the Pew Research Center shows. Some two-thirds of U.S.

Sound Byte: The Samsung Series 9 ultrabook laptop


Super-thin and lightweight laptops could be considered the sexy sport coupes of the computer world. Machines such as the Apple Macbook Air can be pricey and sacrifice some computing functions for their slim and light forms.