Intel has slowly been rolling out its third-generation Core i5 and i7 processors, and Consumer Reports has rated several laptops and desktops that use this series. We’ve found that they boost performance up to 20 percent for certain tasks compared with the previous generation’s same speed Core processors

Cox rolls out $35 ‘TV Economy’ cable package


In an apparent effort to woo new customers who only want the most basic of cable service and retain some current subscribers who are thinking of cutting the cable cord, Cox Communications has become the latest cable provider to jump on the low-price bandwagon, rolling out its $35 per month TV Economy offering. The channel lineup differs from market to market, but all will include local channels and about 20 additional basic cable channels like CNN, E!, Food Network and Discovery. The biggest absence from the channels being offered is ESPN, which is generally the most expensive basic channel for a provider to carry at around a reported $4.76 per month per subscriber.