Recent studies suggest that there are 25 million homes in the U.S with a TV connected to the Web, a figure that could quadruple by 2016. And a security expert says that those Web-connected TVs and other home entertainment gear could be tempting and easy targets for computer hackers.

Following up on its earlier announcement of some of its 2012 HDTV lineup, Panasonic has released details on its other sets, such as its flagship VT-series plasmas, as well as new larger-sized LCD TVs. More TVs this year get its Viera Connect Internet service, which includes an open apps market, access to cloud-based content, and a full Web browser. All new LCD TVs offer edge LED backlights, and for the first some, some LCD 3D sets will use passive 3D technology .

Sound byte: The lowdown on new HDTV prices


If you’re shopping for a new HDTV, you may already know that one of the best times to shop for a new television set in the U.S. is from March to April

Samsung has released the pricing on its line of new 2012 LCD and plasma TVs , many of which boast an enhanced Smart TV suite of apps and services and some new ways to control the TV, as well as 3D. In addition, many step-up models will also get a performance boost thanks to new dual-core processors that allow the TV to multitask: For example, you can toggle back and forth between a movie and an app that can run simultaneously. And the entire line of Internet-capable sets now get built-in Wi-Fi and full Web browsers

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new HDTV but have been putting off your purchase, now might be the best time to get a great deal on a new set, especially one with step-up features. And you might not want to think about it for too long. One reason is that this is normally the time of year (March and early April) when the new 2012 models start to arrive in stores, so many retailers may be looking to sell off any inventory of older 2011 sets to make room for the newer models.

DirecTV, which has partnered on and off with TiVo for more than a decade, is hoping that this time the relationship will stick, with an expansion of a recent 10-market trial that offered its customers the option of a TiVo HD DVR that integrates with the DirecTV service.

Just days before Super Bowl XLVI , the federal government has shut down 16 websites authorities say have been illegally streaming live sports games and pay-per-view events online, including NFL, NBA, and NHL events among others. According to prosecutors, the websites gave links to other sites that hosted the streaming content.

Tomorrow at 12:30 Eastern time, join three of CR’s television experts as they talk all about TVS, just in time for the Super Bowl broadcast on February 5. Electronics editors Paul Reynolds and Jim Willcox and senior lab tech Chris Andrade will be discussing what’s new in televisions , including what we learned at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January, as well as how we test TVs in our labs and what we look for. They’ll also have lots of tips on what to look for and where to shop for a new TV, and on how to optimize your TV settings for the best overall viewing experience.

Super Bowl XLVI: Give your TV settings a tuneup


If you’re getting ready to watch the Big Game this weekend, it’s likely you’ve spent more time thinking about t he food you’ll serve than whether or not you’re getting the best out of your television.

Super Bowl XLVI: Can’t-miss TVs


With Super Bowl XLVI now just days away, you might be looking for a new big-screen TV that can do the game justice.